We are Xtrings. We are the best.
Our world-class musicians and arrangers will add the sound you desire for your music, at the best price.
Xtrings has the best price/quality in live strings recording services worldwide, from a violin solo to a complete string orchestra. Contact Xtrings Today for a free quote. You will be glad!

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We work in three esase steps:

Send your song or files

Contact us!
If you are new to Xtrings, we will guide you throughout the process. You can be sure the string files you’ll receive will fit perfectly in your session, ready to mix. No surprises!
Tuning and timing are our very best distinction.
You will have also several options to plan your session with us, as well as payment methods.
And if you are a Xtrings habitué… well, you already know! Send your files and we will reach you with our best price.

We do our thing

Xtrings Studio speciality is recording strings. We have a BIG room capable of accommodate up to 60 musicians, with very hight ceilings to achieve a perfect string sound.
If you need the arrangement Pedro Alfonso will do it for you. Pedro has a vast experience and knowledge as a composer and arranger.
Then, we call a session and record your strings. The whole process will take no more than a week.
If you send the music for us to record, it can be done in just 3 or 4 days.

You get Xtrings!

When the recording and editing is complete, Xtrings will send you a personalized email with all the files ready to download. We can send a stereo mix but also separate stems.
The strings will be ready to be incorporated in the mix session and your music will have a very unique, vibrant Xtrings sound!

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Pedro Alfonso - Violin

Pedro Alfonso

CEO and Founder of Xtrings